Corporate Profile

Company NameRobotic Biology Institute Inc. EstablishmentJune 22, 2015 Capital¥100mil.
(AS of May 31,2018) Business ActivitiesOperating and managing robot facilities for life science experiments. Developing, marketing, and maintaining laboratory robots and their peripheral devices.
Management and utilization of data and intellectual property concerning life science experiments.

AddressAIST Tokyo Waterfront Annex
2-4-7 Aomi
Koto-ku, Tokyo 135-0064
Japan Board of Directors

Masahiro OgawaPresident & CEO
Tohru Natsume, Ph.D.Director
Toshihiro KoseDirector
Kenji MatsukumaDirector
Makoto ichikiAuditor
Contact UsTEL:+81- 3-6380-7100




2016 Robotic Biology Center (RBC) opened
2015 Capital investment from Japan Science and Technology Agency
Capital investment from Yaskawa Electric Corporation
Office opened in AIST Tokyo Waterfront Annex
Designated as AIST start-up venture of Innovation Center for Technology Transfers and Startups (ICTES)
Robotic Biology Institute Inc. (RBI) established
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