Freeing scientists from tedious benchwork: an essential goal for the ideal laboratory.
LabDroid Maholo: RBI's vision for the future is now a reality!
Maholo works with the same laboratory apparatus and equipment, but achieves exponentially higher reproducibility. Maholo is a powerful partner that maximizes scientist creativity and intellectual productivity.
Maholo is already hard at work in research centers around the country.

R&D platform uses leading edge technology

Robot system tailored to life science research

Dual-arm 7-axis construction
Dual-arm 7-axis construction Conventional robots have a 6-axis construction. Maholo has an extra joint axis that turns the upper arm. Maholo performs programmed tasks optimally in a small space such as a lab table with the dexterity and smoothness beyond those of humans.
High precision, consistent movement
High precision and consistent movement Maholo has steady hands, unlike human hands, that can shake from tension or fatigue. Maholo replicates an expert scientist’s skilled movement. Repeating the process 100 times, 1000 times, or even more ... the same high precision results!
One-stop process in experiments
Versatility Most conventional automation robots are dedicated to one operation such as merely dispensing or agitating. Maholo is an adaptable multi-operation robot that responds to scientist demands for versatility and expandability.

User-friendly interface

Intuitive and sophisticated UI
Intuitive and sophisticated UI Maholo is operated from a computer or tablet (not from a console), and contains software that allows scientists to write any protocol simply and intuitively.
No need for special expertise in robot operation
Special robot operation expertise unnecessary Maholo's lack of a special program or programming eliminates the drudgery of tramping through operation manuals.
Simple fine-tuning of protocol
Simple fine-tuning of protocols Changing or revising protocols is now easy and stress-free. Fine adjustments to reaction time are made merely by replacing numerical values in the relevant parts of the protocol.


Dimensions (W) x (D) x (H) mm
Class D (Grounding resistance of 100 Ω or below, dedicated grounding)
1,200 kg
Relative Humidity
20 to 90% (Without condensation)
Power Supply
For overall control panel (including robot body)
Three-phase AC 200V, 50Hz 30A (11kVA) 1-line
For peripherals Single-phase
AC 100V, 50Hz, 15A, 1.5kVA, 4-line
Ambient Temperature
+10 to + 30°C
Cleanliness Class
ISO Class 6
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